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Pablo Schreiber As George Pornstache Mendez

Pablo Schreiber As George Pornstache Mendez

Pablo Schreiber as a bad guy

Every show has to have its villains, just like every prison has to have its bad guys. Pablo Schreiber’s role as George Mendez combines both of these into a character that you love to hate. You would think that in a prison that holds criminals they would have only the most professional workers looking after inmates. This is far from the truth however, and corruption is a sad reality when it comes to federal prisons. Some workers don’t value the professionalism needed for their job and take advantage of it to conduct their own illegal activity. Mendez is an officer who is a textbook example of corruption running rampant in Litchfield.

George Mendez

George has a thick black mustache that has earned him the nickname “Pornstache” amongst inmates. They might have never even came up with the name if they didn’t all hate him so much. You can tell right off the bat that he doesn’t take his job nearly as seriously as the other staff members.

He floats around unprofessionally addressing inmates and breaking the law in many different ways. Since prisons aren’t exactly a place for fair treatment, he is allowed to get away with unfair harassment towards the women. It is almost as if he gets excitement from establishing his superior status over the inmates whenever he can. You can tell that he doesn’t have much respect for the prisoners. He’ll often talk about them as if they were animals or sexual objects, something that makes other workers like John Bennett uneasy.

One of his favorite things to do is making the inmates feel insignificant and less important than him. He uses his authoritative title to establish this dominance without resistance. He verbally abuses them, touches them inappropriately, and isn’t afraid to use blackmail them to get his way. Piper experiences Mendez’s corrupt nature first hand shortly after entering the prison. He watches her change, messes up her dorm, and even gropes her breasts during a search.

His harassment of inmates is far from his worst offense. Mendez also runs an illegal smuggling business. He brings in prohibited objects like drugs and sells them to inmates. Sometimes he even exchanges the drugs for sexual favors from the women. His operation remains well hidden for some time but eventually begins to become unglued as him and Red clash.

Pablo Schreiber

Schreiber was born in Canada and raised in a family of acting talent. Named after famous poet Pablo Neruda, it is clear that his family has a respect for artistic expression. At a young age he moved to America with his dad and eventually attended college in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at Carnegie Mellon University.

His acting career began in 2001 as Todd in the comedy film Bubble Boy. Since then, he has acted in Lords of Dogtown, Into the Fire, Nights in Rodanthe, Allegiance, and many other popular film titles. Pablo Schreiber’s television career includes titles like The Wire, Ironside, and Law and Order: SVU. His experience in the entertainment industry has earned him nominations for several awards and established him as a prominent actor of the last decade.

Pablo Schreiber and theater

Pablo Schreiber has also appeared in various works of theater. His role in the Broadway hit Awake and Sing! even earned him a nomination for a Tony Award. The way his character is portrayed on the show might make him seem repulsive to some, but voters on BuddyTV would disagree. They placed him 77th on their list of the sexiest men on TV in 2011. His looks aren’t the only thing he works with either. His voice has landed him several gigs with audio books, including narration for the novel American Psycho.

Schreiber has had a lot of experience in roles dealing with drugs and law enforcement. This made him perfect for his role as a crooked corrections officer on the show. It is difficult for an actor to portray someone virtually everybody hates. Especially, if you are well known for your kindness like he is. Pablo Schreiber has perfected the role of the bad guy and viewers are excited to hear that the prison’s crook will be making more appearances in the second season.

What to love

  • Every show has to have someone you hate to stay interesting
  • He does have a delightfully twisted sense of humor

What to hate

  • He deserves to be locked up more than half of the prisoners
  • His perverted nature
  • His disregard for human rights


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