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Kimiko Glenn as Brook Soso

Kimiko Glenn as Brook Soso

With the arrival of fresh inmates we meet the deceptive Vee Parker and the delusional Brook Soso played by Kimiko Glenn. Piper is no longer the new girl behind bars!

Soso is a strange and fragile addition to the cast of Orange is the New Black that introduces an interesting dynamic to the story-line. Not much is known about her past in season 2 apart from the fact that she is a raving fan of counterculture and hasn’t been prepared much for the experience behind bars.

Brook Soso

Before being locked up in Litchfield prison, Brook Soso worked as a volunteer on an organic farm in Ohio. We don’t get to see any specific flashbacks of her past in the second season, but she does reveal some insight to Piper.

Outside of the prison she was very close to her friend named Meadow, whom she is constantly referencing in the show. Apparently, Piper reminds Soso of Meadow at first, making the Scottish Japanese descended inmate latch on to her in the first weeks of lockup. Here Soso talks about her name and what she did to get arrested: “Hi, I’m Brook Soso. Brook because of Brooke Shields, but without the E because it’s cooler. I got arrested for political activism, obviously”.

Piper is quickly sickened by Soso’s delusionally childish demeanor and tries her best to distance herself. Soso has a bit of a motor mouth that persistently annoys the inmates with uninteresting information about civil rights and its history.

Another thing inmates dislike about Soso is her stench. She is persistent in her hippy ways and refuses to shower, drawing the attention of both inmates and staff members.Orange Is The New Black Cast Kimiko Glenn as Brook Soso Shower

Soso quickly realizes the harsh reality of prison and the selfishness of inmates when she is used as a pawn in a deal between Piper and Big Boo.

Piper wants a blanket back from Boo, who bargains for a night of sex with Soso.

When Soso sees the plan to sell her out, and only for a blanket, she is disgusted by the cruel intentions of Piper.

The injustices within the prison community and from staff members inspires Brook to campaign for change. Many inmates feel that she is wasting her time and doesn’t have the backbone to inspire real positive changes within Litchfield Prison.

Sister Jane Ingalls doesn’t appear to like Soso despite their obvious similarities. Like Ingalls, Soso is locked up for political activism. Ingalls views Soso as a millennial distortion of a once morally sound type of activist. They are at first considerably distanced from each other.

When Soso notices injustice in Litchfield, she decides to take action against the corrupt system by starting a hunger strike. It begins as a very small act, as a matter of fact for a while it’s just her. Eventually, a few other inmates join her and she gathers a small following.

Pennsatucky’s former friends, Yoga Jones, and eventually Sister Ingalls join in the fight for the fair treatment of inmates in Litchfield. After the inmates begin to get used to Soso, she quickly adapts and settles into the prison life, singing songs and showing a lack of fear when it comes to interacting with others and projecting her extroverted personality.

Kimiko Glenn

Kimiko Glenn is an Arizona native who grew up in Phoenix. Her passion for acting began at the young age of ten when she began participating at the Valley Youth Theatre. During her freshman year at Boston Conservatory, she landed a role in a touring rendition of Spring Awakening.

After several years, she decided to settle down in New York and get her television and film career started. She found roles in the movies Hair Brained and Nous York and played a small role in Law & Order: SVU before landing her part as Brook Soso in Orange is the New Black. Just like her character in the show, Kimiko is of Japanese and Scottish descent with an unmentioned blend of German.

Kimiko says that she was halfway through watching Orange is the New Black’s first season when she got the audition request. She might be relatively new compared to her fellow cast-mates in the show but her acting proves to be on par with some of the greats.

Kimiko Glenn as bad-ass?

Kimiko Glenn initially thought she wouldn’t be a good fit among the bad-ass lineup of inmates, but quickly found out her character was a blatant contradiction to the average convict. She has enjoyed working with cast members like Jackie Cruz (Flaca) and memorizing songs like “stay” for Soso’s sing-along scenes.

What to Love

  • Her innocence
  • Her concern for the welfare of fellow inmates
  • She stays true to her values

What Not to Love

  • Her motor mouth
  • The chronic body odor from not taking showers
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